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Welcome to Bali Makasih, a little Bali in Nashville, Indiana. Bali Makasih is Balinese American family, owned and operated. As a Indonesia cultural store, we proudly offer a tremendous choice of arts and crafts, with dedication in giving you the very best products with a focus on quality, uniqueness, hospitality and customer service.

Word “Makasih” taken from Terima Kasih, means “Thank You” in Bahasa Indonesia. “Bali Thanks You” for visiting and enjoying the feeling of Bali holiday while you’re in Nashville Indiana.

Bali Makasih features over 35,000 beautiful pieces of wood carvings, silver jewellery, clothing, wall decorations, statues, mosaic arts, incenses, essential oil, traditional instruments, Tiki and Totem, Sign, Decorative surfboard, Blowing glass, Mask and many more. Everything originally handmade, one of a kind, unique and straight from Bali, Indonesia.

Founded in early 2017 , Bali Makasih has come a long way from its beginnings in a little shop in Franklin Sq Nashville,IN into now situated at South Van Buren St. Nashville, IN. Whatever you find here is sure to be a conversation piece!

The business idea was started when we brought Bali souvenirs for our family in the USA. Not only did they loved it, so did everyone else. The positive feedback encourages us to start this store, also the opportunity promoting Indonesia thru cultures and arts. We travel to Bali at least twice a year for buying trip and visiting our family. It’s so interesting to see and actually be there, meeting the artists and crafters, sharing thoughts and ideas, watching the process of creating something that can means and speaks to other people too. We thank you for opportunity to serve you and empower the creation of Balinese craft artist, and showing them to the world.

Everything in Bali Makasih, Bali Island Imports has a story behind it, and will always be our pleasure to share the spiritual and traditional value and stories with you. Thanks for visiting Bali Makasih, a little Bali in Nashville, IN. Bali Thanks You!

Sayang & Rick Wills

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